Immersive experience is a key phrase associated with attending exhibitions. We believe a fundamental part of this is the way the video and digital signage informs attendees of what is going on and what of interest could be happening. Fonix has a range of display and production solutions.

We have the ability to make custom video packages to be displayed on your screens or digital signage network. We have invested in wireless systems to deliver that video to the screens. We also have the ability to create a full TV channel that can be streamed as well as displayed. Our resources include; presenters, editors, videographers, directors, graphics designers and operators and social media integration.

By creating your own branded channel, that can also have a life outside of the exhibition itself, you allow access for all your video content in one place. Our team of presenters can engage with your attendees and exhibitors, which not only makes them feel part of the event, but brings a flavour of the show to the online viewers.

Fonix delivers exemplary service and custom-built stands every time. Our stands are eye-catching, future proof and social media friendly, to ensure you get maximum return on investment

Our technicians have over 30 years of specialist experience and they can build any stand that you desire, to specifications you require.

Our in-house team can build using a range of innovate and non-traditional techniques to ensure that your display is unique and eye-catching.

These techniques include:

  • Holograms
  • Curved Screens
  • AV integration
  • Interactive Floor and ceiling tiles


We operate from multiple locations, including central London. This places us with easy access to London exhibition venues including London Excel and London Olympia. If you are looking for something further afield, we have a whole team that are available to work in England, Europe and Dubai.

Exhibition Screen Hire

Fonix LED has some of the most innovative solutions for screen displays in the exhibition market. Whether you are after complex curving screens or quick install flat screens, we have a solution that can fit. We offer a variety of technical AV solutions to maximise your stand’s impact and appeal to visitors with the design and appearance of your stand. Exhibition screen hire options include: digital signage pods, custom options including flat, cube and curving screens, plasma walls, social media displays and general AV hire. We also offer a range of floor and ceiling screens.

Here are the exhibition screen hire features we offer as a business:

  1. We have a range of content solutions which allow us to integrate social media, graphics, video and live feeds.
  2. Fonix has mounting hardware which allows us to attach screens in places that are traditionally harder to place a screen installation.
  3. Our new lightweight screens which also have impressive improvements that allow us to reduce the power required for these types of screens.

Why hire exhibition stands?

  1. Hiring your stand allows for flexibility, creativity and the latest innovative technology every time; it is also very cost effective.
  2. We will arrange all the logistics, storage, setup and pre builds for your exhibition stand, saving you time and hassle.
  3. Stress free exhibitions and innovation every time. Fonix offers a complete start to finish service, we will put it up, set up the technology and then dismantle it when we’re done.