What is Vibration Speaker Technology?

A vibration speaker also referred to as a ‘whispering window’, ‘store window speaker’ or ‘vibration surface speaker’ is a surface speaker which creates music, audio effects and clear voice communication from resonant surfaces. Vibration speakers are suitable for a wide range of applications including advertising and innovative promotions, they allow listeners to engage in immersive sound. Vibration speakers use magnetostrictive materials to create wide frequency vibrations within resonant surfaces. The low amplitude  of the magnetostrictive approach ensures surfaces are not cracked or damaged by excessive vibration.


Due to the output of powerful micro vibration, passers-by are able to hear music or a promotional message whilst they walk past the full length of a window. This is without the sound becoming louder as they approach the speaker. This consistent audio output is controllable to avoid noise pollution.


Types of vibration speaker:


  • Flat panel speakers – Flat Panel speakers turn surfaces into speakers
  • Invisible speakers – These are installed under surfaces, no visible wiring
  • In wall speakers – The speaker is integrated into a wall cavity, check out this one we did for Ralph Lauren
  • Hidden speakers – The entire panel becomes a surface speaker
  • Outdoor deck speakers – Mounted on or under wooden decks for all weather resistant sound on the patio


Vibration speakers are easy to mount and cost effective, they have low installation and maintenance costs. Vibration speakers are also water resistant (IP55) and are suitable for operation in high humidity and high/low-temperature extremes.


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