Retail displays have the potential to be a fully immersive experience which engage everyone around them. However traditional speakers will not provide a sufficient sensory effect and can ruin the aesthetics of your display. Additionally, they can cause sound reverberations and reflections that ruin the effect.

Here at Fonix we have a wide range of professional equipment available for AV hire, including vibrational surface speakers that address these issues and only provide sound where you want it. These compact and high volume products produce wide frequency responses and deliver excellent intelligibility. They require little power and can withstand severe conditions. They can easily be concealed to become invisible to the listener.

These are highly sophisticated audio drives and yet very easy to use. Beyond being out of sight, they evenly disperse sound across a surface, creating an effect that standard retail display speakers cannot achieve. They produce amazing quality sound across a range of surfaces, with no risk of damage to the surface. This is because unlike many alternative transducers or sound drives used as shop window speakers, they use extremely small vibrations that will not damage surfaces. These nano-vibrations are applied so the surface creates the sound and almost any surface with any resonance can work. This includes: glass, wood, plastics, dry wall, metals, fibre and composite materials.

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