Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn etc., all play a major part in almost everyone’s everyday lives. The giant LED screen provides an excellent canvas to allow interaction with an audience through social media walls, from displaying messages and photos to triggering events, from polls to quizzes and games.

Fonix has a dedicated team continually working on developing new and exciting ways to provide levels of interactivity and engagement using social media, mobile phones, the internet and all forms of technology to engage audiences.

Whilst any video content is on screen, Fonix provides, as standard, the ability to transform the screen into a social media wall and superimpose social media messages on the screen along the lower third, so as not to impose on the main vision, plus the ability to divide the screen up into zones with different content elements displayed. All content is fully moderated.


Twitter polls can be created with the results shown in real time on the big screens. A quiz or competition can be shown with the winner selection displayed on screen. As well as social media walls, from our association with Gadget Show Live, Fonix can now also offer crowd gaming, and are in the Guinness Book of Records for helping to create the largest audience crowd gaming event in the World.

Naturally, any cameras and production carried out on site can also be fed online. Fonix has all the equipment required to provide an internet connection on site, using both satellite and mobile phone technologies.

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Destination Star Trek 201620161010110820
Cycle Show 201620160928114634
Notting Hill Carnival20160912114533
Bristol International Balloon Fiesta20160912105738

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