Fonix LED Screens - Retail LED Screen Hire

In-store Window Screens

Even with conventional, static displays, your shop window is your frontline in generating increased footfall and retail traffic. Exploding into life with LED technology, just imagine the possibilities to enhance your first point of customer contact and turn into something far more compelling… Using the very latest, state of the art LED screens, ranging from 1.9mm to 4.8mm, Fonix are bringing high resolution, high impact visual innovation to the High Street.

High brightness displays demand attention – even in bright sunlight. Maximum resolution screens enable products to be shown off in incredible detail. And, with viewing angles varying from 140° to 160°, on-screen content is impossible to ignore – even from distance.

Screens are built on a modular basis from 500mm square panels – so the only limit to the possibilities is your imagination… and the amount of shop window space you’ve got to play with. Being modular, build time is also rapid – with most shop window installation completed within 24 hours.

Better still, with all content managed on site or from a central location, you can change the message at will, reacting quickly to product, customer and market changes.

Retail Signage Pods

Retail signage pods take your shop window to your customers like never before. Free-standing touch- display LED installations within your store or externally (in shopping centres and street locations), retail signage pods allow unprecedented levels of customer interaction – potentially before they’ve even set foot in your store!

Content managed either centrally or on-site, retail signage pods are an infinitely flexible advertising medium. Expensive, static display advertising, postering and point of sale collateral is rendered redundant – retail signage pods allow you to change the on-screen message and content in an instant, with cost-effective dynamic control.

Backed-up by 24/7 maintenance – and with the advantage of quick installation times – retail signage pods provide the perfect framework for highly adaptable, targeted brand interaction with your customers. Engage interest, inspire desire and create dialogues with shoppers and passers-by and, in so doing, elevate your retail brand and awareness to previously unimagined heights.

Experiential Marketing

Adding a living vivid visual dimension to your product launch or promotion, LED technology from Fonix provides a compelling backdrop and a completely new dimension to fashion shows, product demonstrations and brand showcases.

With video walls, ceilings and floors, LED screens genuinely take your product marketing into three dimensions, demanding attention and inspiring powerful customer interaction and engagement.

With a range of LED modules from 1.9mm to 4.8mm, we’re able to bring ultra high resolution visuals to the support of your brand proposition.
Better still, with a track record of high impact content delivery for some of the world’s most dynamic brands, Fonix bring the skillset you need to display your products to maximum effect, with engaging, immersive video that excites and exhilarates, generating interest and desire that turns into sales.

Bespoke Visual Marketing

Taking a holistic approach to your in-store presentation and elevating it with the limitless possibilities of LED technology, Fonix are taking bespoke visual merchandising in a revolutionary new direction.

Conventionally, window displays and in-store merchandising are communicated via still image and text in static signage systems.

Taking this as our starting point, at Fonix we develop cohesive visual solutions that combine creativity with continuity, taking customers on a journey and interacting with them as they navigate your retail space.

Dynamic bespoke video content, fashioned by our highly creative production team and displayed on flexible modular screens, inspires the customer with current trends, seasonal promotions and special events. With infinitely flexible hardware solutions, the possibilities are genuinely limitless.

Curved screens, video walls, digital signage… all working together to create an irresistible blend of customer attention, interest and desire. With a captive – and captivated – audience, your staff’s job of converting that into sales is the easy part…

LED Floor Systems

For unparalleled client impact and an unforgettably elevated retail space, LED floor systems from Fonix bring limitless possibilities to life.

Delivered via robust, high resolution 5mm to 7mm LED panels, LED floor technology puts highly sensitive interactive video panels literally underfoot.

The technology opens up a world of creative angles, with the floor of your retail space interacting with the customer traffic passing over it. Wow your customers, engage their attention and get them sharing the sensation… in our experience, LED floor systems create an infectious buzz on social media and get people talking faster than pretty much anything else.

Better still, with not only the hardware but the software and content solutions offered in-house, Fonix are able to provide a complete one-stop creative solution – from concept and design through to build, installation and delivery of creative visuals.

LED floor systems are taking retail space in a completely new direction – talk to us about the possibilities… it will open your eyes.

LED Ceiling Solutions

Unmissable and offering a 180° viewing angle, high resolution LED ceiling systems from Fonix transform retail spaces with an entirely new dimension.

Better still, being lightweight and easy to re-locate, the option of re-siting LED ceiling systems around your premises means the element of surprise and customer impact remains on your side.

From simple mood setting colour abstracts to dynamic visual content, the Fonix team delight in pushing LED ceilings to their creative limits.

Ideally suited to fashion and lifestyle retail applications, we’ve also provided them to customers for spectacular product launches and photo shoots – with temporary or permanent installations equally feasible.

Press Day AV Hire

At Fonix, it’s not just about long term investments in permanent LED screens – we also bring state of the art technology to add impact to one-off events, including press day AV hire and product launches.

Offering a complete one-stop package – including all cameras and crew, an accomplished visual mixing and production team, plus cutting edge giant LED screens – Fonix can elevate the humble press day to an unmissable event with a palpable sense of occasion and excitement.

With recent advances in LED technology, high resolution 1.9mm to 4.8mm digital screens can now be built to almost any size and format from modular 500x500mm panels for one-off events as short as a single day – with lightning fast build times of less than 24 hours. Better still, with a significant capital investment in our own screen panels, Fonix are able to deliver high-end hardware at a fraction of the cost you’d expect from the average AV hire company.

So if your product launch or press day is really worth shouting about, do it in style with lights, camera and action.

In Store LED Screens

The UK retail market is changing every year. The rise of digitally minded consumers and those focussing on the instore experience has made adaptation vital. Our solution is to provide you with the perfect platform on which to display informative and entertaining content. This is the ideal way to showcase your brand and increase customer satisfaction with an engaging retail experience.

Retail Digital Signage

Fonix LED are one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of indoor and outdoor LED screens and retail digital signage with current clients including Ralph Lauren, River Island and Topshop. We also work on experiential events with brands such as Ben and Jerry’s, Dyson and Lush. We can work with your existing visual merchandising contacts to provide shop window big screens as a full retail display or part of one.

All of our screens are usable in bright sunshine with varied screen resolutions available, for instance our 3mm indoor LED panels which are both slim and lightweight. They are built from modular screens so we can offer easy in-store installation, meet any size requirements you may have and play any content you wish, whether that’s the latest offers, POS information or branded entertainment.

Fonix specialise in individually designed and custom built screens and this includes flexible options with curving screens, as well as short and long term rental. We use the latest and most reliable LED technology and have a team of highly experienced technicians and engineers which ensures a brilliant end result.

Our comprehensive AV knowledge means that we can provide you with many options, including audio solutions such as directional audio and window speakers that can broadcast outside the store from inside.

We pride ourselves on finding the perfect solution for any retail display need and we are confident that the impact our screens can have on your store will greatly impress.