It is important to focus not only on marketing to your customers directly, but engaging them in a fun experience that will help them to bond with your brand.

The key objective for any brand is getting noticed. Not only do we have the technology to display products and services but we understand the scenarios in which that product could be used. In the past we have supplied custom solutions for projects that have a customer interaction remit.

An example of this would be our 20m Race the TV Presenter solution, where customers race against their favourite presenters from a pre-selected group. For this Fonix supplied a technical solution and software solution to make it all work as one (further case studies on this are available). Other examples of experiential solutions include gaming screens, iPad responsive displays and interactive ceilings. We have vast experience in the locations where such events will take place and believe we offer the most rounded technical solution in this market place.

Whether you’re looking for extra flair for a product launch or a way to engage people at any distance for an experiential campaign, we will provide a bespoke solution with high resolution screens that can be fully branded.

Our LED screens are built from modular panels so they can be customised for any size or shape you wish and they can play any content you wish to entertain and engage your audience.