Fonix LED - Crowdgaming

Engage and entertain your audience with interactive games designed for big LED screens

This has been used successfully at Gadget Show Live, 3 times a day to an audience of 4,000 people. It involves the entire audience with no age restrictions and requires no hardware. The presenters can engage the whole audience and create an amazing atmosphere.

Choose from 5 games, including car racing, jumping frog, flapping birds, whack a person, and a Simon Says style game. We can also create games specifically for an event at extra cost.

Both Whack Someone and the Car Race games can be customised. Any face or image can be placed on the cars and bikes in Car Race and the heads that pop up in Whack Someone. The images required can be created on site by our team from any photo, graphic or image.

The audience control the on-screen player simply by making a noise. The louder they cheer or make any kind of sound, the player moves in one direction, when they are quiet, they move in the other direction. It’s amazingly simple and works brilliantly. Our hardware includes a high specification computer with dual outputs and a microphone. We can control the sensitivity and override them if necessary.

The Simon Says style game can be used to select winners from an audience. The audience must choose a stance, either one, two or no arms in the air. The screen randomly generates a graphic. Those who chose differently are classed as out. Rounds are played until the winners are left.

The Fonix crowd gaming package includes all five games plus the computer hardware and software, any customisation required, and an experienced technician to set up and operate the games. A compère or presenter is required to run these games which we can supply these at extra cost. Please note: this service is only available for screens hired from Fonix.

These games are “crowd controlled” by sound, the more sound the crowd makes the higher up the screen the “player” moves. The “Frogger” style game involves the noise making the character jump lanes up the screen.

The Flappy Bird game can also be connected to cameras to measure the amount the audience flaps their arms, and t he character acts accordingly.

Most games can also have their timers set to any desired length, and allow some manual adjustment.

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