Fonix LED - Mobile LED Screen Hire

For easy set up and installation, mobile LED screens are a superb option

Our mobile LED screen trailers provides a quick and easy setup, perfect for short term hires and only requiring one technician. This makes it a cheaper option while still providing a great visual effect with many options for potential screen appearances. All of Fonix’s mobile trailers now have screens with 10mm or better resolution.

Fonix LED has 5 mobile screens:

2 are enclosed variants, fitted with 12 square metres of high res 8mm LED modules.

5 are open variant, fitted with either 16 or 22 square metres of high res 8mm LED modules.

An image can be displayed on the screen within approximately 45 minutes of arrival to site. With the enclosed variant, the mobile LED screen trailer houses a small production area consisting of a small vision mixer, scaling unit, laptop computer and monitoring. It also includes a generator that powers the unit for up to 15 hours continuous operation.