ITU 2015

Fonix returned this year at ITU 2015 as the official provider of ITU Telecom World 2015’s digital screen network. The 150th anniversary of the international exhibition was held in Budapest and was for a range of audiences, from governments to start ups. The purpose of the event is to discover new potential partnerships, chances to invest and share thoughts and innovations.

The digital screen network was comprised of flown LED screens in the main entrance and key areas, for instance outside seminar rooms, had screens. These screens were respectively made up of 3.1mm and 8mm LED panels. There is also a network of double sided digital signage pods in main walkways and exhibition halls.

As the principal broadcast medium for the show, the screens displayed breaking show news, live social media and edited highlights from each day. Exhibitors and sponsors also had the chance to have interviews and adverts played on the screens as a key way to engage with attendees. This content is shown for the entire time throughout the 4 day event.

Beyond screen provision, Fonix also offered event TV packages at this event, filming highlights from the opening ceremony and welcome reception, national pavilions and stands and interviews with speakers after their talks and workshops.