How can you improve event engagement with technology?

Engagement is vital to the success of any event. Although your KPIs may vary, engagement is a great way to measure what you’ve achieved. It directly affects how satisfied and committed your audience is since it builds value for them. But how can you actually encourage this engagement?


Over half of event marketers want to improve their relationships with existing consumers. When researching improving event ROI, it was found that event technology can increase attendance 20%, productivity 27% and decrease costs up to 30%.


Fonix LED - Event Technology Engagement Statistics


Here are some specific ways you can engage your audience through event technology:


  • Encourage networking – this can be encouraged online by building an online community across social media platforms e.g. creating an event group on LinkedIn
  • 8 out of 10 marketers are using social media, including 38% using it for event marketing so create a hashtag and encourage audience participation during presentations. This can be done through social media walls to involve attendees in a shared experience.
  • Provide new and unique experiences by capitalising on the latest event technology and industry trends such as crowd gaming
  • Integrate the event experience across online and offline platforms – promote event content in blog posts and social media
  • Personalise the event experience by addressing the specific person and their interests
  • Ensure your event is mobile friendly by using event apps, real time surveys or accessing speaker content as the event takes place with a method such as digital signage
  • Reach a bigger audience and engage those who can’t get to your event in person with livestreaming


“If you thought people were addicted to their phones in 2015, just wait for what’s coming next. I think in the next year, new apps, new technology and new availability of information online will keep us glued to our screens. Now, you can either complain about the death of social interactions and the fact that, at your event, no one looks up from their phone, or you can roll with it. Because if nothing else, this trend is keeping people more connected than ever before. Tap into this new digital lifestyle, your events will be better for it.”


Alex Shebar, Community Director at Yelp London, Event Trends 2016


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