Hologram Technology is the Future.

Give your event the edge in 2020

There is no denying LED screens are everywhere. We are used to seeing them in our phones, monitors and across giant screens at events. However, this is not where they end. There is an endless world of visual possibilities out there, it’s just whether you have the vision to see them.

Here at FONIX we like to push the boundaries of what is expected. We have made it our business to make sure we have the very best LED’s available for our customers, as well as highly-qualified teams to fit them.

The latest LED development that we are excited about is Hologram technology. And guess what? We have exclusive and patented Hologram Technology, making it a World first. It’s time to think big!

Hologram Technology for your Event

We can create a bespoke hologram system for any type of event or display:

This state-of-the-art equipment is impressive from start to finish and will give your event that extra energy and impact.

Hologram Technology

Hologram technology is interactive, super-bright and offers true-to-life visual representations. Hologram technology can present anything in innovative, interactive 3D – the possibilities are entirely endless.

We’d tell you how we do it, but a magician never reveals their tricks!

If you would like to know more, we’d be delighted to set up a one-to-one meeting or showcase, so you can see first-hand how Hologram Technology can be applied to your business or brand.

Please contact suze.eaton@fonix.co.uk with any questions or enquiries you have. We’d love to showcase our exclusive Hologram Technology to you.

True to life, interactive representations.

“Memories are like holograms: you recreate in your head the whole image of something which isn’t there.”

Richard Bandler, bestselling author

How it works

We use a portable high-quality Eyelash Film. This allows us to cover large space and to remain undetected to the naked eye.

The Eyelash Foil is used to reflect interactive, true-to-life representations of people and objects.

These reflections can be interacted with and positioned as required, to create the best and most realistic experience.

How it works for you

We can apply any visuals you need, to any size or location; to create a truly memorable and unique experience.

Watch video of our holograms being used by Musion 3D

View some of our case studies

Destination Star Trek 201620161010110820
Cycle Show 201620160928114634
Notting Hill Carnival20160912114533
Bristol International Balloon Fiesta20160912105738

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