Fonix and Events Crew present LED Gantry – the interactive gamechanger for outdoor events

Like all great ideas, there’s a strong sense of “Why isn’t everyone doing this already?” to LED Gantry, which has just been premiered to universal acclaim at The Showman’s Show.


A collaboration between Fonix and Events Crew, UK leaders in their respective fields of LED screen, video and AV technology and event staging systems, LED Gantry elevates a key component of sporting, outdoor and indoor events from its humble, static roots into a uniquely interactive platform for immersive brand exposure and 360 degree audience and participant interaction.


Dynamic digital content


Lightweight, versatile and infinitely flexible, LED Gantry enables exhibitors and sponsors to wrap the entire gantry in dynamic digital content. Gone are the days of flat, uninspiring foamex or PVC gantry wraps. Gone, too, are the eleventh hour traumas of sponsor pull-outs, rendering expensively clad gantries redundant – with LED Gantry, new content can be live within minutes.


Full RFID integration


The perfect platform for digital video content and social media interaction, the system also integrates beautifully with RFID technology – enabling, for example, sponsors to inspire, congratulate or motivate marathon runners personally and by name as they pass.


Backed by the industry leading expertise of LED and video pioneers Fonix and UK staging


Lightweight, flexible and astonishingly versatile, LED Gantry can be set up in less than an hour and offers event organisers and sponsors limitless possibilities to connect, communicate and engage.


heavyweights Events Crew, LED Gantry is supplied with all lifting equipment, the software to run it and the technicians to build it. Wrapped in lightweight modular LED panels, set up time is typically as little as one hour. Up and running, LED Gantry then enables live, up- to-the minute graphics and video feeds to create compelling opportunities for brand interaction on a significantly enhanced level. The possibilities are genuinely limitless.


Total digital wrap


Moreover, it’s not just the facing front and back walls that can be digitised – every single face of the gantry can burst into life with vivid, engaging digital content.


Game changer


Presenting their system to race and event organisers, timing companies and sponsors across all sectors, Richard Marshall, Sales Manager of Fonix, commented, “LED Gantry is, quite simply, a game changer. Usually one of the highest profile elements of a sporting, outdoor or indoor event, the exposure opportunities offered by gantries have, until now, been limited by the technology available. The very latest generations of lightweight LED panel technology change all that. The real beauty of LED Gantry, however, lies in the truly collaborative nature of its development and deployment, bringing together two of the UK’s leading names in their respective fields and creating a synergy of complementary expertise. It’s this partnership of specialist skills that makes LED Gantry such a powerful and compelling proposition.”


For further details of LED Gantry and the benefits it can offer your event, please contact:


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