Fonix LED film a live Skydive at Bournemouth Air Festival

Fonix LED took live TV filming and streaming to new heights at this year’s 2016 Bournemouth Air Festival, as they shot a live display of The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment’s Parachute display team.


Fonix worked closely with Videosys Broadcast, who designed and manufactured bespoke equipment to be able to film such a spectacular event which presented a whole new experience for the Fonix team and the crowds who were present at the festival. The audience were able to experience this exhilarating display on any of the 9 large LED screens at the event.


[nz_youtube id=”TT781J1GhqQ” width=”770″ /]


Videosys designed and produced a bespoke Micro HD SDI Camera mounted onto a custom built bracket, attached to the helmets of each Tiger. Each Tiger also had a custom made bracket with HD transmitter and battery strapped to their leg which fed back to a receiver back on the ground to deliver full HD 1080i.


Fonix creative approach, along with high-tech equipment provided amazing footage for spectators watching back on the ground, and online, another example of Fonix creative abilities. Fonix is an audio-video solution provider with a creative edge. If you have a project, you would like to discuss call Fonix today on 0845 012 55 66