Experiential Marketing, Getting your Brand Noticed

What is experiential marketing?


Experiential marketing also known as engagement marketing is a form of advertising which focuses on consumers interacting and experiencing a brand. This clever form of interactive marketing is a form of advertising consumers cannot ignore, not because they’re being forced into it, but because it engages with them on a personal level.


How does it work?


Experiential marketing allows consumers to engage their senses in a product on a subconscious level. It forms a memorable and emotional connection between consumers which helps to influence their purchasing decision.


Where does it work?


Experiential marketing can be done on smaller scales from individual sampling, through to large scale guerrilla marketing.  It works particularly well at events and exhibitions where people are more susceptible, and as an element of a marketing campaign. A good example of this would be the experiential marketing we did for Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream, customers were able to race against their favourite presenters from a pre-selected group. For this Fonix supplied a technical solution and software solution to make it all work as one.

Experiential marketing is about getting people to interact with your brand. At Fonix, we have a team of highly skilled creatives and audio-visual professionals that can help you get your brand noticed.


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