Drive in Movie LED Screens

There is something very nostalgic about the concept of a drive-in cinema. Whether it’s the idea of a romantic night out under the stars or reminiscing about watching Grease for the first time in 1978, a drive-in movie is a great experience. Drive in movies is all about the experience as a whole, more so than the film shown. Watching a movie on the big screen from the comfort of your car is like no other. Simply channel into the set radio frequency, sit back, relax and enjoy.


In the past, the screens used for a drive in movies were projected which presented a lighting issue. Due to the screens not offering sufficient brightness it caused issues with visibility, drive in movies were only possible on the cover of the darkness of the night. The introduction of LED screens meant that films could be viewed even in broad daylight. The high brightness of LED allows additional revenue from multiple shows throughout the day


At Fonix, we offer a range of mobile LED screens that can be easily wheeled in and wheeled out. Our mobile LED screens are non-reflective, completely waterproof, protected against wear and tear and weather elements such as rain, dust, and snow. Mobile LED screens provide a180 degree viewing angle, which means more viewers are accommodated. Our mobile LED screens have graced the red carpets of some of the world’s biggest movie premieres.


At Fonix, we specialize in delivering all-weather drive in movie packages which incorporate the screen, the FM licensing and transmission, Our drive in movie packages mean clients can run successful drive-in movie events. Without the complicated regulations and negotiations involved.


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