Corporate Video, Making the Right Impression

Video marketing and corporate video for businesses has seen a high level of growth as more businesses look to expand their range of marketing tools. Corporate video is a powerful tool, used to portray a consistent and professional image. It allows you to portray the human side of your company, putting a face to the name.


One of the main reasons for using corporate video in your marketing is that it can be a great way to display messages on your website. Other reasons are building brand reputation, sales and training purposes.


Corporate video grabs people’s attention and has the ability to retain it for longer. Before the birth of the internet, corporate video was used solely for internal communications. Now, with the internet, companies are able to reach a broader audience and stream in real time.


Corporate video not only helps drive traffic to a website, it can contribute towards improving the search engine ranking of your website. Uploading a corporate video to your website or YouTube channel can be easily shared, reaching a wide audience in a short space of time. Because of this, it can also save you time and money.


At Fonix we offer award-winning broadcast services. Our team of highly skilled professionals and high-tech equipment ensures a professional video production that fulfils its requirements.

We have produced video material and programmes for many organisations, including Sky, BBC and ITV. We have also worked with many PR and media agencies, so we are also used to working to a very specific brief.


The Fonix LED crew include broadcast experienced, and award-winning, directors and cameramen, so you can expect and be assured that the equipment will provide the quality and style of images you expect and need.


For information on what corporate video can do for your company call us on 0203 012 5566