Live Streaming, Benefits of Webcasting and Live Streaming your Event

At Fonix, we offer a fully comprehensive live video streaming service. Using multiple cameras linked to broadcast quality mixing equipment, we are able to stream to multiple streaming services, including YouTube and Live Stream. Live streaming can help to increase impact and extend reach, with no limit or restrictions on viewers. Live streaming is ideal for reaching out virtually to an extended audience and reaching those physically unable to attend: meetings, sales presentations, lectures, seminars, online training classes, product launches, conferences and other events alike.


There are numerous benefits that can be gained by employing this remarkable technology such as:


  • Reaching a wider audience – Through live streaming, you have the potential to reach more people remotely
  • Delivering marketing messages – Live streaming is ideal for delivering marketing messages to promote products and services
  • Cost effective – If you think about the costs involved for to attend an event such as travel, accommodation, and food, live streaming really can save you money
  • Environmentally friendly – With its virtual nature, webcasting will reduce the environmental footprint of your event and business
  • Convenience – Presenters/instructors can deliver from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection


Live streaming events and content have the potential to set you apart from your competitors, it will show prospects that you are a forward-thinking and technologically-savvy company with innovative solutions.


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