Audemars Piguet’s LED Advertising

The new Audemars Piguet advert for their wristwatch, Royal Oak Concept Supersonnerie, has just been released and we’re delighted to have been part of the team working on it. We provided the structure and installation of our 3.9mm LED screen featured prominently in the video, along with a technician to ensure everything ran smoothly.


Here’s what our client had to say:


“The guys were brilliant. We wanted an abstract layout of screens which the guys were happy to work with in terms of the drawings we provided. They were happy for us to work out a solution where we could mount them pretty flush to the floor by rigging them on wooden platforms which worked great.


“We were creating an abstract installation for a high end watch brand which required the environment to be dreamlike and very out there. The screens worked perfectly for this. Client and agency couldn’t stop taking photos of them and commenting on how incredibly detailed the images were that we were able to show. The resolution was excellent and they really did look like portals to another world almost.


“Practically, the guys were on hand for any request we had. Often we needed a change in frame rate or refresh rate or brightness and they were happy to action this swiftly and smoothly. At no point did they hold up any aspect of production. There was a lot of changing or rewinding or cycling through footage on the screen and the guy did it smoothly and calmly even when things got a little crazy on the studio floor.


“Really looking forward to using you guys again soon the next time we need something like this!”


[nz_youtube id=”fBzzWRd-kyM” width=”” /]


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