Broadening horizons: Fonix establish their place in the city

We are expanding once again! On this occasion Fonix LED will be revealing a brand-new division – a warehouse and repairs facility located at the iconic Television Centre, London, opening endless opportunities for the brand within the city.

Residency to the BBC, the new centre is home to television studios and offices aimed at the creative sector, positioned in the heart of the digital media hub.

Fonix have been at the forefront of the event production industry for over a decade with the largest selection of event solutions, innovative design and a true understanding of logistics. Supplying to clients such as X Factor, Lush, Topshop, to name but a few, from staging and AV to video production.

The extension to White City will enable Fonix to cater to the demands of the market at ease, significantly increase business and employment prospects as well as growth through acquisition. Managed by a team of full time staff the premises will become the central point of activity across London, UK and further afield.

Using only the highest quality products and latest technology, the warehouse will allow Fonix to be stocked in excess and fully equipped to execute any event to its absolute full potential.

This is an extremely exciting time for the Fonix team, who are thrilled to see the business go from strength to strength and this development is proof of its accumulating success.


As well as the warehouse we also have a stunning showroom located in Paddington. Why not take advantage by hosting your social or networking event there? Contact for more information.