Immersive experience is a key phrase associated with attending exhibitions. We believe a fundamental part of this is the way the video and digital signage informs attendees of what is going on and what of interest could be happening. Fonix has a range of display (see also exhibition screen hire) and production solutions.


We have the ability to make custom video packages to be displayed on your screens or digital signage network. We have invested in wireless systems to deliver that video to the screens. We also have the ability to create a full TV channel that can be streamed as well as displayed. Our resources include; presenters, editors, videographers, directors, graphics designers and operators and social media integration.


By creating your own branded channel, that can also have a life outside of the exhibition itself, you allow access for all your video content in one place. Our team of presenters can engage with your attendees and exhibitors, which not only makes them feel part of the event, but brings a flavour of the show to the online viewers.


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