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Event TV is a specialty of Fonix LED; we have the ability to create an entire TV channel for your event

With the use of professional presenters and flexible microwave transmitter technology, our cameras and reporters can show all the aspects of the event to the audience, via the giant LED screens or plasma screens, placed throughout the event site. The service can also be broadcast live to the internet and shown on your own web site without any demands on your servers. Fonix LED has the ability to split the two outputs to provide a different stream of advertising and content to each media platform.


Unlike other providers in this field, we are constantly live, with microwave links, social media interaction using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, VT’s, ads, graphics and studio based content, making the whole event immersive and interactive.


In 2014 and 2015, Fonix Event TV team has provided a continuous, LIVE broadcast for over 10 hours every day at the UK’s largest 3 events, with over 1.2m people watching our LED screens and over 50,000 internet viewers.


Fonix is unique in its ability to provide HD video production, LED screens, TV displays & kiosks, and online streaming using everything in house, meaning the most comprehensive and competitive proposals in the UK. The choice of the Royal Navy, Bournemouth Air Festival and many others, Fonix are quickly building a solid reputation in this market.


We can make your event come to life for your audience and online viewers with our event TV packages.


Live Streaming


We can provide you with a live platform to stream your events online through Livestream, YouTube or embedded in your own website. Our ongoing support means that you will be able to ensure online viewers get the best experience possible from your broadcast while the comprehensive analytics provided mean that you receive a clear understanding of your audience.


Corporate Video


Our expertise in filming and video production ensures that we can supply your organisation with high quality, on-brand business videos. We are experts in creating professional content for corporate communications with high quality production, innovative techniques and creative graphics.

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