Media Specifications

If you wish to supply media to Fonix for inclusion in a Fonix playout system, please find below the specifications that we prefer to receive.


We can actually receive and play almost any file format (we have yet to be stumped completely) and have a huge array of conversion tools available to us to enable us to play almost any content.


However, we prefer the following, so if you can choose or specify it, please use the following information.


Specifics for LED Screens captions and graphics

Forget “The Whitespace” Rule


This rule does not apply to LED so much. Unlike Print, the actual viewing size is too small. It’s like having a 1″x3″ newspaper ad with a lot of white space.


Use bold Colors, LED handles them better


Avoid white, darker backgrounds look better on LED screens. The 3mm LED, however, handles white extremely well.


High contrast means better visibility.


Legibility of Typefaces


Sufficient kerning between letters assures the legibility test from far distances. Tight kerning reduces legibility causing adjacent letters to attach together visually. Without proper kerning “clear morning” could be interpreted as “dear moming.”


A single horizontal line of text allows rapid assimilation of a message without interruption. Multiple text lines increase the time needed to discern a message.


If more than one text line is necessary, use adequate leading between lines. When a line of text rides on the line below the interplay of descenders and ascenders it will make a message difficult to read.


Crowding letters into a restricted space will reduce legibility.
Severely contrasting letter strokes will lose definition when viewed from far distances.
Thin typefaces will become invisible from far distances.
Bulky typefaces lose distinction between letters.
Script typefaces are difficult to read at any distance.


We hope this helps you.


The Fonix Team

Tech Specification

Aspect ratio: 16:9 (Widescreen)


(in order of preference)


  • 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • 1280 x 720
  • 720 x 576


DPI: 72dpi


Almost any file format is acceptable.


Preferred: Quicktime, H264, MPEG 2, mpg, mp4, avi, Avid MXF, Sony BPAV


Stills: ppt, jpg, bmp, png, tiff, tga


Not preferred: wmv, Apple Pro Res, flash


Audio: stereo or mono, 22khz or better


Please email if you have any specific queries or call 0203 012 5589.


For more information on aspect ratios and resolution, please see our handy guide here

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