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The Creative Brief

Notting Hill Carnival is a renowned event that has taken place on the streets of Notting Hill since 1966. Fonix were once again selected as the official audio visual supplier. Fonix supplied large LED screens for the event grounds, along with a full event TV service, broadcast to four large LED screens also streamed live online.


Event organisers chose Fonix to provide a full Event TV service for the event. Fonix supplied on site LED screens and streamed live content each day to 1000’s of people watching the day’s events online. Bristol Balloon Fiesta is a busy event for the Fonix team which presents several challenges including multiple presenters being co-ordinated while airborne and more than 40 hours of programming involved.


The Solution


Fonix erected a studio complex in the centre of the carnival, with mobile, microwave linked crews providing images of the parade and carnival floats along with interviews with participants. A jib was also supplied by Fonix to allow for aerial shots giving a complete overview of the event.


The Results


The implementation of Led Screens into Notting Carnival has become an important part of the event. The LED screens allow the Fonix team to provide public information and linking aspects of the carnival together providing better exposure to the 1000’s of spectators watching.




Equipment used:

  • 22 square metre mobile LED screen

  • Sony PDW 750 Camera 



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